Bad Credit Programs

Bad Credit Mobile Home Refinance Loan Highlights

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Bad Credit Mobile Home Purchase Loan Highlights

What is the Fico range for good, fair & bad credit rating with manufactured lending?

Good credit is usually defined as the borrowers with few if any past or present collections, good debt to income ratios & credit over 680 fico. These borrowers typically will have minimal credit lines open.

Fair credit borrowers would have more derogatory scores, lower income & credit from 600 fico to 679. These borrowers typically have multiple credit lines open or max out.

Bad credit is those clients with a previous bankruptcy or significant ongoing collections and/or liens, significant debt, lawsuits and/or past or present ongoing foreclosure and a credit score of 599 and below. (in some cases credit score is not the only determining factor for a fair credit loan. (We will always try to qualify you fair credit first)